Small, yet powerful – meet the team!

Jean-Michel Fürst
Founder and Managing Partner

«Today, tradition and values must be lived in a modern and agile way!»

Jean-Michel Fürst is our expert for executive search for luxury goods and fast-moving consumer goods. With his passion for beauty, shapes and materials, he has developed a sense for extraordinary personalities for your brand.
More than 20 years ago, Jean-Michel Fürst founded DE BORD INTERNATIONAL and since then he not only ensures that we have a balanced and exemplary team ourselves, but also that your team finds its ideal composition like yin and yang.
A basic technical education with a postgraduate diploma in business administration, various international positions in marketing and sales as well as his many years of experience in management positions have given him the skills to understand the market and your needs. Competitive sports, as well as the affinity to Asian martial arts shaped him at a young age. His professionalism and fighting spirit as well as his knowing what it takes to be successful comes from many years of practicing tennis on a competition level.

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Axel Riester
Co-Owner and Managing Partner

«Exploring, understanding and developing – that is my passion.»

Axel Riester supports you in the recruiting process as an expert for executive search in the industrial and construction industry and its digitalisation. He combines his enthusiasm for modern tools and processes with a broad industrial and entrepreneurial understanding in order to fill your vacancies.
He acquired his technical know-ledge while studying mechanical engineering and his entrepreneurial skills during his postgraduate studies in business administration at Strathclyde University in Glasgow.
His various management positions in a number of industries had one common denominator: transformation towards customer centric performance based on innovation and focus. He has passion for the simple things in life: working in the woods and tuning bicycles to take them to race are great sources of pleasure for him.

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Hans-Rudolf Zellweger
Executive Coach

«Wherever work is done, luck finds its place.»

As a certified coach, Hans-Rudolf Zellweger is successfully coaching managers and those who want to become one. In a confidential conversation, Hans-Rudolf Zellweger refines the strengths of the interlocutor and encourages him or her to also explore new grounds. Before his independent activities as an executive coach he held senior international positions chiefly in the pharmaceutical industry and has gained a lot of valuable experience in management teams as well as in executive search. This proximity to the market and to the industry enables Hans-Rudolf Zellweger to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the workplace and to tailor consultations accordingly. His own experience of having both an employee’s and employer’s perspective forms a well-rounded basis for a well-balanced and mediative approach in his coachings.
In his private life, he personally has a passion for classical music and the opera. That’s why he likes to combine his travels with a trip to the respective opera or a concert.

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Andrea Nienaber
Managing Partner

«Be who you are! Be that in the best way possible!»

Andrea Nienaber joined the team DE BORD INTERNATIONAL in 2018. She is our expert in executive search in the life sciences sector and finds suitable new employees for your company.
She combines her years of consulting experience with her own research knowledge: Before she started to work in sales and consulting in the field of life sciences, she completed her studies in biology with a doctorate. That’s why Andrea Nienaber has a deep understanding of the market. Her concern is not just the macroscopy of your company, but also the microscopy of your products. With this approach, she finds the right members for your team and fills in painful gaps in all medical and technical matters.
At home, Andrea Nienaber’s two daughters keep her on the go, as well as lately a few renovations in their own house. In our team, she can raise a smile when her natural calm is unexpectedly interrupted by a (self-)ironic commentary.

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Teresa Muschik
Project & Back Office Manager

«I have no special talent, I’m only passionately curious.» – Albert Einstein

Teresa Muschik has been on board since summer 2022 and will take over the essential tasks in the area of project and back office management.

In addition to her degree in Business Communications, she brings several years of work experience in operations management from the logistics and venture capital sectors. Through her work there, she was able to acquire profound knowledge in the areas of finance, human resources and communication, with which she actively supports us.
Privately, Teresa is involved in the protection and conservation of flora and fauna in southern Africa through several organizations, enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, and pursues her passion for web design through her own project, Roca Digital Design.

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